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Here you will find answers to the most important questions, tutorials, downloads and marketing materials for a successful fair on Fairsnext

How can we help?

We offer you different ways to get help with your questions.
For a quick start, we recommend the tutorial videos.
Most of the answers to questions that are still open can be found in the FAQ section.


Specsheets and How-to's for exhibitors and visitors


Here you will find tutorial videos with the most important how-to's


The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here

Support ticket

can be placed at the bottom right of this page. For optimal processing of your request, describe the problem as accurately as possible. (Mon.-Fri. 9-17h. We usually react within 4h)


The most important information for organizers to prepare and hold a virtual trade fair.
For the preparation and execution of a virtual trade fair.
Organizer Manual
General tips and hints.
Booth templates
Overview of the stand types and templates.
Support Guideline
How to handle your support requests.
Including. Cheat sheet "Error Codes".
Spec sheet for media use at the trade fair stand
The technical requirements for a smooth visit on the virtual fair.
Browser optimization
For an optimal performance of the browser and hardware
Desktop Notifications
Desktop notifications for FAIRSNEXT in your browser.
API Documentation
This REST API is used to connect to and exchange data with external systems.
Console Export
Howto for exporting the browser console for support requests.
Step-by-step instructions for registration with and without invitation/ticket


With these introductory tutorials, you can quickly learn the basics of the platform.


What navigation options do you have at the virtual trade fair?

Visit to the fair

How do you move through the fair and what interactions go?


Create appointment slots for 1:1 conversations with visitors in the calendar.


Set the trade fair highlights for the new products overview on the homepage.


Store all information for the communication channels and the virtual business card.


Pictures, brochures, videos, links. Everything for the optimal presentation at the booth.


Customize and configure a virtual exhibition booth in 5 minutes.



The fast registration process for access to the virtual trade fair.


First, see if the answer to your question is among the frequently asked questions.


In general, the virtual trade fair works on all common browsers. If you have problems with your preferred browser, we recommend Google Chrome.

Clear the browser cache first and close the unnecessary applications.

Please note that when using Microsoft Edge, you are using the current version and regularly deleting the browser cache.

If the organizer has not yet released the visit, you will not be able to start it. If necessary, you can already access the calendars of the exhibitors via the exhibitor directory or the hall plan in order to arrange appointments.

With the mouse: Position the Target icon to the desired target position on the ground and click.

With the keyboard: Use the W/A/S/D keys to control movement. With the mouse, you can control the direction of view by clicking and dragging.

Depending on the complexity of the stands in the hall, the image structure may be delayed. But the data is constantly reloading until everything is fully displayed.

It helps to clear the browser cache beforehand and close unnecessary applications.

After viewing media, videos or contact screen, it is recommeded to click in the image again. This should make the keyboard control (with the keys W,A,S,D) work again without problems.

A lead is a first contact, which is made through the business card exchange.

After the exchange of the virtual business card, the direct communication options are available.

Exhibitor Details

You may need to add them with a voucher code. You will receive it from the organizer.

If the organizer has not yet assigned a booth to you as an exhibitor, you cannot configure the booth yet.

Please contact the organiser of the fair!

If the organizer has not yet released the visit, you will not be able to start it. If necessary, you can already access the calendars of the exhibitors via the exhibitor directory or the hall plan in order to arrange appointments.


In order to give all visitors the opportunity to book appointments, it is not possible to book more than one appointment per exhibitor.

If further appointments are necessary, simply arrange a meeting directly with the exhibitor.

The chat can be operated by all booth staff. This allows a quick reaction when an employee is not there.

Every visitor finds their chat history with the respective exhibitors in the menu item “Messages”.


If the contact person cannot be saved, this is often due to an illegal special character. Use only “normal” characters that are also visible on the keyboard.

Deposit a nice portrait in the format 1:1, i.e. square.

The textual address to the visitor can have a maximum of 250 characters. Spaces also count.

Booth configuration

Videos can only be supported as a link. Use a video platform like Youtube , Vimeo or similar to host your video and copy the respective link.

For videos marked as “private” videos (which are not visible to everyone on the streaming platform), it should be secured that the options for integration (“embedding”) are still available.

Please save your pictures as JPG. For products or logos, we recommend PNG if they need to be cut out.

The aspect ratios of the images are 4:3 or 16:9.

It is possible to zoom and/or move the images.

Brochures and videos (as a link) can be conveniently placed under the “Media” tab.

PDFs can be accessed at the booth as a media overview by clicking on the brochure stand. The integrated PDF reader supports the password and jump mark function.
Web links can also be stored.

The videos automatically appear at the stand as a media overview when clicking on the video screen(s).

In the Products tab, you can create a post to feature a highlight.
Select header or video, assign keywords, store text and the microsite is ready.

The product is displayed in the Neuheiten tab.

The left mouse button allows you to rotate the stand horizontally and vertically.

With the right mouse button you can move the booth.

The scroll wheel allows you to zoom in and out.

Go to “Hallenplan” in the menu bar. Your stand is marked yellow in the hall. If you don’t see it, it might be in a different hall. Simply change the hall. Then go to the booth and “zum Stand springen”.


In order to get to the platform, it is imperative to go through in order to get to the login page.

Please go to and register there with your e-mail address and a self-assigned password

Note: You must then pass this login on to all colleagues who are supposed to “work” at the stand – i.e. enter appointments, operate the chat, etc.

Please click on the link in the confirmation email

Note: Please also check your spam folder

If your IT detects the mail as spam and does not forward it to you, please let us know, then we need to verify your account manually

Log in to with the account

Click “Messe hinzufügen” and add the fair using your voucher code.

The organizer must then assign your booked booth to you so that you can see it in your dashboard and configure it.

The registration link is available from the trade fair organiser of the respective trade fair.

He may also make it available on the fair’s website.

This is a purely optical error, the confirmation emails are still sent. Please check your spam folder if necessary.

Please clear the browser cache:

Chrome, Firefox and Edge: CTRL+Shift+Remove.
Or via the browser menu: “Empty cache” (or similar).

Safari: Clear cache memory in the developer menu > or Option+Command+E

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