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Hybride Messe - Illustration

Hybrid fair.
The format of the future.

The hybrid trade fair is the bridge between the real and the digital world.

Hybrid fair means: 

Combine the advantages of both worlds.

The future of events will be hybrid. To optimally complement the possibilities of virtual formats with the combination of physical events, Fairsnext offers the end-to-end platform as a complete solution for the hybrid event.

Hybride Messe Halle_physische-Messe
All possibilities in both worlds:

Hybrid fair means: 

Focus on the customer.

With the possibility of a physical and a virtual trade fair, you are flexible for the needs of your customers. Exhibitors and visitors at the hybrid trade fair have the choice of which form of presence or visit they prefer or are able to use.

How does the hybrid trade fair work?

We are happy to show you how Fairsnext, the virtual trade fair platform, will also be a perfect user experience for your event.

The world of trade fairs after Corona. 

What is a
hybrid fair?

At a hybrid trade fair, the live presence fair will be supplemented or extended by a virtual part – a decisive success factor in the VUCA world.

Trade fair participation in times of pandemic swells requires a rethink. The Fairsnext platform offers a virtual interface to the classic fair and thus a complete solution under difficult conditions.

Human contact is important and should not be completely replaced whenever possible. Virtual solutions integrate and make products tangible for the trade fair visitor.

A trade fair participation can take place exclusively or additionally with a virtual exhibition booth. Thanks to its many features and analysis tools, our platform offers significant added value in addition to a purely physical fair participation. Important insights into visitor behavior can be derived. The reach is increased by the digital interface and high-quality leads can be generated, even well after the official end of the fair.