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Shaping the future of events.

We help organizers, event agencies and companies to find the optimal solution for virtual and hybrid trade fairs or events in real-time 3D with intelligent match-making.

Ihre Virtuelle Messe in Echtzeit-3D im Web-Browser


Are you an organizer, event agency or a company that organizes events itself?

Fairsnext is an innovative platform to organize and conduct virtual or hybrid events. Create better and more compelling online events with the help of our real-time 3D presentation.

On all devices

Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. As a web application, Fairsnext can be used on almost all devices with suitable internet connection.

Completely scalable

Organizers can achieve the same goals of their offline events by adapting Fairsnext to the requirements, no matter what size the event is.

High visitor motivation

Our real-time 3D solution enables a high quality of interaction between the participants, supplemented by effective tools for presentation and communication.

Lead gain
and reporting

Individual reporting enables exhibitors to track potential leads and business opportunities and measure the success of their advertising activities.

Optimal Lead generation at the event

With our tools Matchzone and Matchscore , the participants of your event can intuitively generate highly qualified leads.

Proactive approach
for really relevant prospects

With our unique matchzone feature, you can identify active prospects for your offer in real time. Proactively approach and address these prospects.

Individually calculated reconciliation of interests

The match score is an individually calculated value for visualizing a match of the offer based on one’s own interests.

Create your own online virtual events

With our flexible platform that provides security and scalability to make your event successful and sustainable.


With our intelligent real-time cloud solution, Fairsnext is virtually infinitely scalable. The simple and intuitive stand design reduces capacities.


Thanks to the innovative match score© and the match zone© contact with the most individually relevant partners can be established quickly across all communication levels.

Success measurement

Use Analytics to evaluate registrations, attendance numbers, engagement statistics, and event-level or stand-level metrics.

Virtuelle Messe im Browser
Integrate apps

Connect seamlessly with the software you need. Our expandable, flexible platform enables integration of industry-leading video chat, webinars, etc. software.


Thanks to the documented programming interface, data can be exchanged with other systems in the background.

data integrity

Fairsnext is completely GDPR compliant. Client-side encryption enables the highest level of data security with proven server locations in Germany.

Start now with the digitisation Your events

Digital fairs and events: We show you how easy, scalable and innovative you can organize successfull your event virtually. Start the future now!

Successful virtual trade fairs with Fairsnext

How to organise a virtual trade fair?
With Fairsnext. Easy!

Setup a trade show

Simply setup a trade fair with logo, title, etc. and plan the layout of the hall.

Invite exhibitors

After acceptance, the exhibitors will receive the registration link and register for the trade fair.

Configuring the booth

Exhibitors choose a template and can intuitively configure and customize their booth.

Start the visit

As soon as all the booths are complete, visitors can move freely in 3D on the fair.

STB-Expo virtual:
"We have achieved all our goals with the virtual trade fair."

Stefan Homberg, Die Kanzlei Entwickler

Pro Fachhandel digital:
"Expectations have already been exceeded."

Alexander Berger,
Vorstandsmitglied der GES

"Really amazing to present our fantastic brands virtually to our customers!"

Dominik HoltschlaG
Commercial Director | Cloetta

"Unique" and "Extremely positive"

Tim Wißler
Leiter Key-Account-Management Ontrade | Jägermeister

What our users say.

Read for yourself what organizers and exhibitors say about the virtual trade fair on the Fairsnext platform.

Offer your customers the most real fair experience.

Real-time 3D implementation turns the virtual fair into an immersive experience for exhibitors and visitors.

The best user experience for exhibitors and visitors.

The virtual trade fair is seen as a concept of the future, where sustainability, more flexibility and cost savings can convince over a physical fair.

High quality user experience

A virtual walk through a real 3D experience world. This is how the walk through the online trade fair is fun and offers a real-world experience.

Comfortable & Efficient

The visitor receives extensive possibilities for interaction: chat functions, live streams and video conferencing enable conversations with experts and sales.

Digital transformation

The virtual event offers completely new possibilities for optimal match-making. Visitors will find the relevant providers more quickly, exhibitors will make better leads.

Digital transformation

The virtual event offers completely new possibilities for optimal match-making. Visitors will find the relevant providers more quickly, exhibitors will make better leads.

Location- and time-independent

The online fair and its contents are available 24 hours a day. Global availability increases potential reach.

Location- and time-independent

The online fair and its contents are available 24 hours a day. Global availability increases potential reach.


The digital trade fair and its contents are available 24 hours a day. And 365 days a year. This opens up unimagined possibilities and new event formats that are not possible. in the real world.


Exhibitors are saving not only costs for a physical booth, but also travel times and accommodation costs. It is much more comfortable and less time-consuming for employees.

Individual booth design

If exhibitors want to present themselves even more individually at the virtual trade fair, a completely individual 3D exhibition booth is also possible for the online trade fair event.

Individueller Messestand für virtuelle Messe
Kontakt-Screen Fairsnext

Next-generation match-making.

With simple “business card exchange” with one click, text chat or live video chat. For each contact person separately or in general. Appointments with the exhibitor can be booked in advance.

Ideal also for job fairs or start-ups events.

With our “roll-up” trade fair stands, vocational orientation fairs, student fairs, recruitings and similar events can be quickly created and run risk-free. With the integrated calendar function, individual calls can be conveniently arranged in advance.

Konfigurator Virtueller Messestand

Configurator for the virtual booth

Our intuitive configurator makes it quick and easy to create individualized 3D booths and place the content (images, videos, PDF, links, …) at the virtual trade fair.

Every exhibitor can do this in 5 minutes.

Monitor customer's activity in real time.

The most important KPIs and statistics of each event are available in real time.

Fairsnext Dashboard für die virtuelle Messe
Server Standort Deutschland

Servers located in Germany

Client-side encryption


GDPR compliant

Frequently asked questions about the virtual trade fair

Trade fair and event formats have changed rapidly due to the pandemic. The virtual trade fair is on the rise and will become the standard at events, at least as a hybrid supplement. Virtual trade fair means: Presentation in the online showroom all year round. More and more companies are using digital platforms to address their customers more sustainably. A virtual trade fair has many advantages.

Virtual trade fairs have numerous advantages, both for the exhibitor and for the visitors.

Trade fair organisers can attract more visitors with a virtual trade fair, as there are no longer restrictions by time and location. Virtual trade fairs can therefore also take place over a longer period of time. With hybrid formats, this also offers the possibility for presence visitors to be able to inform themselves afterwards. In addition, there are no limitations for exhibitors due to limited hall capacities.

For exhibitors, participation in a virtual trade fair can not only be cheaper (there is no need to set up a real stand, no staff has to be kept on site, the participation price is usually significantly lower,…), but also much more efficient due to the better tracking mechanisms that a virtual trade fair offers.

For the visitors, a visit to a virtual trade fair is very pleasant. There is no need for traveling. A virtual fair can be attended whenever you want and from where you want (at home, in the garden, on the train…).

The platform operates in the web browser and without installation of any software.

Because the platform provides an immersive 3D experience, there are minimum requirements for tech. preconditions. For a good user experience, a commercially available computer/laptop with the following specification makes sense:

  • Current version of a supported web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) with Javascript and WebGL
  • Internet connection for an initial charging time of the 3D fair under 30sec, min. 25 Mbps
  • CPU: min. Intel i3-7xxx (7th generation)/AMD Ryzen-2xxx (2nd generation) with integrated graphics card (e.B. Intel HD Graphics, AMD RX Vega)
  • RAM: min. 4GB
  • Dedicated graphics card with min. 2GB VRAM is recommended

Mobile devices are currently limited in use. Tablets are available, depending on the equipment.

A virtual exhibition booth thrives on the same content as a real exhibition booth: company logo, graphics, typography, product presentations, products, brochures or presentation films.

For this purpose, attractive template booths are available for exhibitors that can be customized and adapted to the company design.

Exhibitors can easily change colours and materials of the virtual exhibition booth in the booth configurator and upload their content such as PDFs, videos, images, etc. This works simply and intuitively. Special knowledge is not required. The result can be reviewed immediately in real time.

On the basis of provided photos or planning data, completely individual exhibition booths can be created according to the exhibitor’s imagination.

It is also possible to adopt an existing 3D exhibition booth. It is only necessary to optimize it for an integraion on the platform.

In addition to the desktop, the online trade fair will also be possible for presentation on VR glasses in the future. This results in an immersive representation for the complete immersion into the 3D experience world. We have already taken this into account during development and will soon take the opportunity to experience a virtual event online with VR glasses.

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